Saturday, June 12, 2004

Thinking outside the X-Box

I have an X-Box. Originally I bought an X-Box so that I could play the Robotech game. I'd read somewhere that, although there were plans to make it for several platforms, the game would play best on the X-Box. Since I didn't really care otherwise, I went with the X-Box. Now, that was a more than a little while ago. I've beaten the Robotech game, but now there really isn't anything else that looks interesting, with two exceptions. Friends own Ninja Gaiden 2 and KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic), so I've been playing those games a little, and they aren't bad. In fact, Ninja Gaiden 2 is very challenging, and I've heard good things about KOTOR. The problem is, aside from those two, nothing on the X-Box looks very good. I don't like sports or driving games. In fact, I hate cars and everything about them. I have one, I use one, but I really don't like them. My brother is really into the NCAA series football games, and though I have to admit they aren't bad, I do get sick of playing them awfully fast.

Playstation 2 has a lot of good games, but I'm hesitant to buy such an old system. They're only $149 now, which isn't bad, but still. I expect they'll be replaced in a few years, and since I've already waited all this time, I might as well wait some more. I wasn't really very impressed with the Game Cube. I know a bunch of people who have it, and it doesn't really seem that great. The more complicated the Mario games get, the more "cutesy" they're becoming. The older Mario games were just two dimentional stompfests with one dimentional Italian stereotypes. Super Smash Brothers isn't bad, I still prefer the one on N64, but I can see myself playing it. The problem is that, to really make it worth your while, you need a group of people to play with. I typically play video games as a solo distraction, something to do with my time when I don't have other options.

I'm not actually a huge console gamer. I generally prefer computer games, since they tend to be a bit more complicated and involved. I haven't bought a computer game in a while, because of Star Wars: Galaxies. The funny thing is, while I enjoy playing SWG, it really isn't that good of a game. I mean, it's like the designers set out to make a game no better than they absolutely had to, and just depended on the Star Wars name to get them through the rough patches. SWG has been improving as time goes on, but it is still way below its potential. So, I'm thinking about making a new gaming purchase, be it a console, a computer game, or what have you. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

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