Wednesday, July 06, 2005

So long Sandy, and other stuff too!

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has left the high court. As a law student, I feel like I should have some sort of analysis, at least above and beyond that likely to be peddled about the blogiverse, but I don't. At least, I don't care enough to think of one and type it up. Maybe later when we find out who'll be replacing her.

In other news, had a good time at AnimeExpo. Thanks for everyone who came out to the JDrama panel. The big news of the show: There's going to be a new Robotech movie! That's right, after twenty years, Robotech is back! Check it out at the Robotech website. I don't have any pictures of the convention, mainly because I don't have a digital camera. But I want one. Maybe I'll get one.

Okay, I guess maybe this post didn't warrant a title with an exclamation point. But damnit, I'm excited about new Robotech!

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