Thursday, September 07, 2006

Veni, Vidi, Vici

This last weekend I was at the Conquest gaming convention in Burlingame. These conventions always completely floor me, as four consecutive days of little sleep, poor nutrition, and constant activity prove very draining. However, the experience is always pleasant and I look forward to their occasional though regular occurrence.

Over the length of the con I participated in a myriad of games, portraying everyone from the King of Prussia to a juvenile knife-wielding cannibalistic sociopath (roles not entirely dissimilar). My efforts met with a mixture of success and failure, but were in all instances entirely enjoyable.

An unfortunate side-effect, however, is this distorted sleep schedule. I slept for almost 24 hours after returning from the convention, and the rest of the week has labored under this unfortunate externality. Sleep comes at odd times, when at all, exasperating a problem I have long dealt with. My waking hours are of little more value, as a general malaise drains both energy and enthusiasm, coloring even simple tasks with the most oppressive shades of difficulty. That is, in fact, the reason for the dearth of posts this last week. However, I can do little else but ride it out. Guess I'll have something more to say then.

P.S. Lest you think I have forgotten you, I shall resume my ordinary diligence in tracking the various minutiae all of you see fit to post about on your own blogs, and respond to any comments any of you might have regarding my own trivialities later.


Laura said...

This week was crazy for me too. I'm so tired. I almost fell asleep in class last night. That would've been bad... :P

Here's to a weekend of rest! :)

(Sorry about the no-commenting thing... I haven't been a very good blogger this week!)

Jackson said...

Hey Jeff - I only say this to help sharpen your already considerable skills as a write. But I think you mean "exacerbate" not "exasperate."

I too am finding it a little more difficult at the old age of 25 (almost 26) to recover from stuff like that. I don't want to admit it but I think it's true. I can only wait to see what a baby will do to me.

LeperColony said...

Heh, that just goes to show the dangers of loose spelling combined with faith in the spell checker. Of course, as one of your favorite little anecdotes about me already illustrates, you knew that.

Guruh Roy said...

well take your time and have a good rest. i'm sure you will be back great especially your post.

LeperColony said...

Actually Jackson, exacerbate and exasperate appear to be synonyms, although to be honest I thought they were the same word, both being the former (which i would have misspelled).

Molly said...

It is always tough to readjust to a sleep schedule. I am always amazed at how easily it is to alter it and not sleep while having fun and how hard it is to get back on track once a return to "normal life schedules" is present.

Moon Goddess said...

That sounds awesome! I wish I had more time/money for attending cons. They rock.