Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Perfect Woman #4: Looks

This post is a little shallow, but I never claimed to be a saint. Statistically speaking couples of approximately the same degree of attractiveness tend to be the most successful. Which means I'd be pretty much stuck with the Wicked Witch of the West. So long as the subject is the perfect woman though I can be as unrealistic as I want!

1. Voice

I'm crazy about voices. My perfect woman would have a versatile voice, by turns warm and inviting, or conspiratorial and mischievous. She should sound friendly and accommodating, but still have underneath the perceptible malice of excessive wit. Her laugh should evidence comprehension and shared amusement rather than just simple mirth.

2. Legs

There's not really much to say here without straying into the crass, so this entry will be pretty short. But her legs wouldn't be!

3. Glasses

Glasses are absurdly attractive on women. My perfect girl would have glasses. Preferably her eyesight would actually be messed up, because the alternative is that she wears them as an affectation, and I wouldn't like that. Not that she has to be blind, but is a little farsightedness too much to ask?

4. Flames

Gentlemen may prefer blondes, but for me it's redheads. I'd want her hair to be the color of copper in sunlight, bright but not light.

5. Elegance

My perfect girl has a kind of natural elegance, readily apparent in everything that she does, but without vanity or display. She would be marked by that state of grace of confident and content people, with a glow that persists despite her indifference towards her own appearance.


Jackson said...

I'm glad you're posting again. For some reason your site was dark for several months for me, and now in the last week or so I'm getting all these backdated posts. But it seems to be caught up now. I use an RSS reader to keep track of your site.

LeperColony said...

Yeah, for a long time I followed the compromise position and posted little tidbits when I had an idea, but didn't publish them on the theory that I'd go back and finish them later.

It should come as little surprise, though, that such a method, when combined with my personality, tended to produce relatively poor results.

Jackson said...

A few years ago I bought the nicest little journal I've ever purchased (a Moleskine). When I bought it I decided I would only write down things that were particularly insightful or important. Over a year later there was just about nothing in it. Now it's full, but only because I lowered my standards, not because I became more insightful.

LeperColony said...

The save draft feature is a total impediment to any literary achievement. At least in my case.

I have literally twenty or thirty little snippets saved for some imaginary day when inspiration hits or sloth departs so that I can finish and publish them.

During the election I had a bunch, but I was just too lazy to post any of them until now.