Friday, June 05, 2009


Sometimes you read something and it sticks with you for a while. Like one time back in Junior High, when I read The Stand, it freaked me out and I spend the next week sleeping with the lights on. Of course, not every genre is going to affect you the same way, but inevitably there will be a few works from every literary flavor that lingers on the palette.

Earlier this evening, I was treated to a taste of such a work. While the story was somewhat incomplete, it was not only compelling, but it has also inspried me to improve my own similar writings.

Of course, that is a concern for the future. Right now it's almost four in the morning, and I have court in five hours. I shall lie down, and hope sleep comes soon (though I rather doubt it will)!


Jackson said...

Your RSS feed isn't working. I just noticed these posts.

LeperColony said...

No great loss.

Jackson said...

It is for me, now I have to visit your site to check for updates and I miss out on my 19th-century throwback reading. You of all people must understand the drawback associated with greater effort.