Wednesday, August 24, 2005

All In

Please note that I'm not, in any way, employed by or otherwise related to Paradise However, that being said, I am going to give them a shameless plug.

In two days, Paradise will be hosting the world's first free million dollar tournament. There is no entry free. All you need to do to get into the million tournament is end in the top ten in one of the free satellite tournaments on their website. Sounds easy enough, right? And it is. But of course, always with the catch these things are.

This time, the catch is rather innocuous. The only entry requirement for the satellite is that you sign up for a real money account. I don't think you even need to put any money into it, just sign up for it. However, even if you do need to put money in, you could always just put in a little and then cash it all out again. So it really is free to play in the satellite.

But what if you don't win your first satellite? Can you play another one? See, that's where they get you. Subsequent satellites are free too, but you have to qualify for them. How do you qualify for them, you might ask. Well, for that, you have to play at the real money tables. The calculations differ depending on the limit, but essentially, you earn "million points" as you play. If you get enough, you can play in another satellite. There's no limit to the number of satellites you can participate in, so long as you keep earning those points. Of course, as you play, the site earns money (called the rake, a small fraction of every pot), and so that's the nature of the gimmick.

At any rate, I highly encourage anyone with even a passing interest in poker to at least give the free satellite a try. Who knows, you might even get a seat into the million.


LeperColony said...

Not, you know, that you have to, but if anyone reads this and decides to sign up, you can do me a favor by listing my email ( as the person who referred you.

It doesn't do jack for you, but it gets me some small amount of free money.

Gabe said...

try 10 min

LeperColony said...

Of what?

Gabe said...

of my life I'm never going to get back, more like 20 now

LeperColony said...

Ha! I'd forgotten my own tagline. In any case, I take no responsibility for any lost time.