Monday, August 22, 2005

Totem Poles, Slave Labor, and Murder

Well, I now have a job. A non-paying job. When you add that to school - a school I have to pay to attend - the combination is an unholy amalgamation of my most horrid nightmares. Never since the spiny ridges of an overgrown lizard appeared in the waves of Tokyo Bay has an Asian man beheld his fate with such unabashed terror. Somehow, in a conspiracy of cruel dimensions, my two greatest enemies - work and school - are now united against my remaining free time.

Earlier today I met with Ed Nino, an attorney with the Santa Clara Public Defender's office. After a brief, almost prefunctory conversation, I was awarded an internship. He works in the homicide division, so that means I do too now. I'm not really sure what my duties will entail, but hopefully it should be interesting. If not, the least it could do would be to stay simple.

But I'm not holding out much hope of that either.

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Sam Yang said...

nice, site. black is a really nice color, i dig black...

anyways, back to your post. yes, indeed. work and school can have you by your two balls. but later on, you'll be glad that you have an internship. from what i've heard, companies look highly upon students that have done internships, because first it gives them hands-on experience about the job, and that's what really matter.

i sincerely hope you do well in it, suck up the tough times, i'm sure that later on in you life, it'll be rewarding.