Monday, June 18, 2007

Love, and the soft glow of tungsten

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(pictued: Annie Kim (bride), Simon Timony (sort-of groom), Rai Fierra (director of photography) and Robert (Rai's friend and assistant, didn't get the last name))

The picture above is a production still from my film. This last weekend was our second and third days of shooting, Saturday and Sunday respectively. We shot the wedding scene at St. Mark's Lutheran Church on Saturday, the subject of which the aforementioned photograph adequately portrays. I myself am not in the image, partly due to the fact that I am somewhat less photogenic than a traffic accident, but mostly because (as any good director is likely to do) I was off somewhere else bossing people around.

On Sunday we went on to shoot at Maggie Mudds, the Presidio (courtesy of Uncle Sam), and the Bernal Heights Neighboorhood Center. There are likely pictures of those shoots somewhere too, but I don't have one on me right now. However, all the photos we do currently have can be seen here.

We have one more shoot on Tuesday, the 19th, afterwhich it is my fond hope that we can enter post-production. I would not want to give the impression that I have not enjoyed making the film, but it has been a tiring and relatively expensive venture. On the whole I am largely satisfied with the way things have gone, but unfortunately I have had several times to compromise my aesthetic to conform to the realities of our my present capabilities.

I should not close the subject without mentioning the cast and crew. I will, or at least at this moment I so intend to, describe them in more detail in another post. All I want to say now is that none of this would have been possible without their tireless and (usually) cheerful and skilled efforts.

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Grafxgurl said...

ok its been centuries since iv ebeen here ( im not that old tho) but this is awesome!! youre shooting a movie! i have just one other blog friend who 's a director, but he's in India. this looks great! hoep you post some sequences when its finally out!!