Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A lot of homeless fleas

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A few months ago my cat Tiamat died. I wasn't blogging at the time, so I didn't get around to writing a post about it. I guess now that I'm sort of back, I should take the time to gloat.

For fifteen years this cat and I had been locked in an interminable struggle. She was mean, violent, and completely unpredictable. Among her many weapons were sharp claws, vicious teeth, and an inexhaustible supply of allergy-inducing fur. These she deployed without regard for humanitarian concerns or the laws of land warfare.

Secure, as I now am, in my ultimate victory I can admit that Tiamat was a worthy adversary. I hope she is getting to fulfill all her aggressive tendencies in kitty hell.


Jackson said...

Aw, Tiamat. How many nights did you sit on my car, waiting for the right moment to eviscerate me as I tried to open my car?

She lived a tortured existence to be sure. Anybody stuck with the Yin boys as their caretakers is going to turn out a little screwed up. Of course I think Tiamat was still quite malevolent at the core. I wonder what she would've done had she been put with Winston and the other cats at Adam's house. Perhaps we all would've found ourselves smothered one night in a massive strike.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the luck! I got the job! I am so excited!!

Bethany said...

Maybe if you had traveled more with Tiamat she would have been a more passive, docile kitty? Maybe all she ever wanted was a coupe of trips to Knott's Berry Farm or perhaps Niagra Falls?