Sunday, July 15, 2007

Study shows man self-absorbed, mercurial, and filled with useless trivia

Having recently updated my blog template, I took the opportunity to use the new post labels (new may be relative, they are new to me, at any rate). It appears I mostly write about myself, a fact that should come as no surprise to anybody.

My second favorite topic is "miscellaneous", which in addition to being hard to spell, is just another expression of my characteristic laziness. I didn't want to make 30 different topics with one post, so I just threw them in the same category. Then later when I noticed that I could actually have made a few genuine, substantive labels, sloth prevented the necessary corrections.

Finally, my "monthly" Pointless Factoids come in third. At eighteen I only actually have one for roughly every other month, but even had I been more dilligent, the entire category would only have come in second.

My least favorite topics? Religion, writing, and women. Not quite sure what that says about me.


Meari said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. LOL! I really needed that humor. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lepercolony,
First of all, let me apologize as this has nothing to do with your blog at all. I was looking for Meguri ai OST ( and it appears to me that this is my only remaining lead... I was wondering if you have manage to download the complete OST or if you have Track#3. If it is possible, can you sent to me. :P My email: Thanks in advance.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Good to know another Jeff ;) I see you're a filmmaker.. me too! Nice new camera.. I'd love to hear how you like it. I use the Panasonic DVX100b and am very very satisfied with it.

LeperColony said...


If you're reading this, I am seeding the file in the link you sent me.

Sorry I can't send this acknowledgement to you over email, but my messages to both and got bounced.

Not sure what's up with that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lepercolony,
Sorry, could you try it one more time, The account was inactive. :P

As for the BT file in that link, I don't know why, I am seeing 1 seeder but there is no progress. I am still getting 0%.

Anyway, did you manage to complete downloading the whole OST?

Apathyisallifeel said...

LeperColony said...
Horoscopes have "must buys"? Are their product suggestions ever a good idea?

Nahh, you don't have to really believe everything they say.
Perhaps sometimes they acted as a 'guide' for me or something like that.
E.G, troublemaker at work, have to be wary.
I don't strictly follow their advices and such. On the other hand, most of them tend to quite true. That is why I often read them up in magazines and such.