Sunday, December 26, 2004


Here we go:

Die Hard Complete Collection
Robotech Remastered: 2
Robotech Mini-DVD ep 2
A Short History of Byzantium
Fifteen Byzantine Emperors in Profile
DVD Burner
Wallet and Keychain
Sharpe's Eagle
Imperial Guard Karskins
Hickory Farm's Meatstick
Henry Weinhart's Rootbeer
Sundry Cash and a Gift Certificate


A Lump of Coal (seriously)


Clare said...

Did you do something bad to deserve a lump of coal? Or did your family tell you it's for a year's worth of good luck and warm glowiness?

And speaking of warm glowiness (note neat seague), I've explained what a boilerman is over at 3BT

LeperColony said...

"Deserve" is one of those things that is going to depend on your point of view. I, as an objective observer, would have to say no.