Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, I ordered a new laptop to replace the one that was stolen. Last time I bought a Sony Vaio. It was an adequate machine, but large and clunky, and the fan developed this annoying squeaking sound somewhat reminiscent of an asthmatic rodent.

This time I went with a Dell Inspiron. I upgraded the video card, screen, and RAM. Then, when I made an innocent query regarding the student discount for SCU students, the helpful sales associate person further enhanced my prospective purchase with a DVD burner and some Bluetooth thing. I don't even really know what Bluetooth is exactly, but now I can use it.

In the end I spent a little more than I wanted to, but with my student discount I ended up getting a much better machine than would have otherwise been within my limited means.


Laura said...

You will love the Dell! I have a Dell Dimension 2400 (desktop) and I love it. Very good quality - I've never had anything go wrong with it in the 2.5 years I've had it. Well, at least not anything I could blame Dell for. (I got a little virus that wiped out some parts of my registry. Ooops...)

Hmm, isn't Bluetooth wireless internet access? I think it's similar to WiFi... only I think you have to pay for Bluetooth.

Congrats on the new computer purchase!

Guruh Roy said...

Well, for a student, it is very handy to have a laptop at least we can brought it anywhere. Before i have Sony Vaio too but when the time needs me to change, i have to buy a desktop.And i still keep my laptop for emergency purposes.

Congrat on the new laptops.

mushroom mama said...

My best bud just graduated from SCU law... weird coincidence.

Moon Goddess said...

I don't know what a bunch of that means, but yay you! Technology is cool.

Gurn said...

Bluetooth's a wireless networking technology. You can't really surf the net with it as it's more geared towards having devices talk to each other.

I used to use it on my mobile phone to transfer photos and audio to my pc... until I got a decent phone that came with a cable :) (so much faster)

Aside from that application and being able to share ringtones with folk in pubs and bars - it's pretty much useless.

Jackson said...

Bluetooth would be most useful for you if you use a Palm or other PDA, because you can sync up without needing to bring a cord with you. I use Bluetooth for my Treo, so I can have one of those wireless earpieces to talk on instead of holding the phone to my ear. Makes driving and talking much safer.

Make sure your Dell doesn't catch on fire.

Also, I wonder if you and other SCU discount recipients will be tapped to do some pro-bono work for Dell in the future in order to prevent a certain laptop from exploding or broadcasting your sensitive info to the world.

LeperColony said...

Ha ha, joke's on them then! That's my school computer. I use my desktop for all my porn needs!

Er. Nevermind.

Molly said...

Getting a new toy, especially one with lots of bells and whistles, is always fun!