Monday, February 18, 2008

Dundracon Report

Apologies for what will be a short and inartful post, but I just woke up, and even with eight or nine hours of sleep already accumulated, am still behind in the aggregate, considering the whole weekend. Thus, after I spit out these few words, it is back to bed.

Friday is the first day of the show, and it doesn't really pick up until people can get there from work. I signed up for a game of Vampire, and even got in, but gave my seat to another player so that she could play with her boyfiend. Instead, I went and joined my brother's The Napoleonic Wars event. We got out two games, both of which ended in the first turn. I played Britain and then Turkey, and lost both times. Par, I assure you, for the course.

Saturday was a lot of fun. The two games I ran, In Nomine and Serenity, both went really well. In Nomine started off rockey, as I arrived almost twenty minutes late. To my surprise, there were still around ten people waiting to play. After apologizing to four of them (my game only held six), the remaining players selected characters and we were off. The adventure, having been structured with inherent group divisions, was certainly stacked against the players. But all performed well, and in the end we all agreed it was six hours well spent.

Later in the day I ran my Serenity event. I was somewhat hesitant about using the actual TV characters, and as I hadn't seen many other GM's offer it, I figured maybe I was making a big mistake. However, we ended up with an excellent group of players who quickly dispelled all doubts. Although I feel that they ultimately spent more time on the rather simplistic and admittedly inane plot than the character based divisions which I had hoped would serve as the focus of the game, that is really a minor issue and shouldn't indicate that it was anything other than a fantastic experience.

On Sunday I pretty much just drifted from one group of associates to another, abstaining from all invitations so that I didn't take one and thereby cause offense to another. Not that my attentions are so demanded; in fact, they could probably care less. Even so, I would feel badly having played in one friend's game and not another. So I just sat in and watched several games at once, and even participated in smaller events from time to time. Even though it wasn't quite as good as Saturday, Sunday was still a lot of fun.

Early Monday morning I went back home, slept, and now having woken up I wrote the above post. Being now quite tired, I return to sleep.

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