Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dundracon Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of Dundracon, a four day gaming convention held over President's Day weekend in San Ramon. I think, though I may be off by a year or two, that this will be my thirteenth attendance.

Every local convention has its own sense of identity. Conquest in September is more of a wargaming convention. Kublacon in May is a rising star with industry attendees and slick (or rather, slicker) production values. Dundracon, by contrast, is like an old shoe. Worn down by use, but still comfortable and functional.

Primarily a role-playing occasion, it can be hard to find a good wargame or CCG tournament at Dundracon. Although I think this, combined with its somewhat hostile and adversarial staff, inhibits its growth, to me it is a convenient liability. Because I do so little role-playing at the other conventions, I really look forward to Dundracon as an opportunity to indulge.

I am set to run two games this weekend. My first, The Innocent Must Suffer, is an In Nomine game centered around a group of angels hunting down one of their own. The second game is called Malcontents. It is a Serenity game that will use the characters from the Firefly TV show.

I hope to have a good time this weekend, which I usually do. Notes to follow upon my return.

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