Monday, February 25, 2008

The Undiscovered County

I am off to Bakersfield, a city which is, to put it nicely, in the middle of nowhere. After interviews at both the District Attorney's and Public Defender's officies, I'll be back.


Talli said...

A showbag is an overpriced gimmick to part well meaning (yet very silly) parents with their money. They are brightly decorated plastic bags full of cheaply made items (usually plastic in origin) and lollies. I fondly recall my Bugs Bunny and Wonder Women bag I got at a show about 25 years ago. Spent many a day leaping on my bed deflecting invisible bullets with my groovy wrist bands (Go Wonder women go!). That, is what a show bag is.

The last adam said...

good luck mate! do lemme know how the interviews went.