Thursday, July 29, 2004

Room for rent?

Classes start for me in a few weeks.  August 16th and I'm back to law school.  With the impending return of scholastic rigors comes the search for lodgings somewhat more proximately related to campus.  The move itself would only cover twenty or so miles, but those miles are connected by some of the worst freeway commutes in the lower forty-eight.  Thus, to avoid spending time in the car, I'm looking into apartments in the Santa Clara area.

Personally I don't much care for moving.  I'm not a particularly proud man, I've lived at home since I got back from undergrad at Santa Cruz to save money.  I would stay home this year too, except my classes are scheduled such that I'd have to drive at bad hours.  Admittedly staying with the folks puts a cramp in certain forms of recreation, but for the twelve to fifteen thousand dollars it takes to live of my own, and fairly modestly at that, I get by.  Moving is a pain.  Even though I'd be leaving most my stuff at home anyway, it's still a hassle that I don't look forward to.

At any rate, my searching efforts have lacked a certain level of commitment.  Now with school looming, I'll have to engage the matter with more severity than absently browsing Craigslist.  But, if any of you know of an available place in Santa Clara, let me know...   

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chrispy said...

I'm rather anti-moving myself. Too much of a pain...and to tell you the truth, I'm still not completely unpacked from moving back home.

I went to Chinese school at MSJ for a couple years too, but missing those morning cartoons was just too much for me. :)