Friday, July 16, 2004

The Sword of Damocles

Classes begin in one month from today.  I feel a little like an inmate awaiting his execution; the only governor I can seek pardon from is Mr. Lottery Ticket.  That's a little dramatic, I suppose, but between hanging out and playing computer games or studying I know which one I'd choose.
During my first year of law school I attended the part time division.  I've transfered to full time, but I'll have to take night classes with the other part time students to catch up.  I was staying in Fremont, which is about twenty minutes (before traffic) from Santa Clara.  That worked out pretty well, and I only had to make one trip a day.  Now that I have to take day and night classes, I'm thinking about moving closer to campus.
I've already got all my loans worked out; almost $45,000 this year.  $18,000 is coming from the federal government, and the rest from private lenders.  I'm actually a little distrubed at just how much money companies are willing to lend someone like me, a person with absolutely no assets, collateral, or prospect of obtaining either for the next several years.  It doesn't seem, to me anyway, the best way to run a lending company.
At any rate, school is fast approaching.  There is nothing I can do about that, so I firmly resolve to make the most of my remaining free time by doing as little as absolutely possible.

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