Sunday, March 13, 2005


Well, by now probably everyone has seen the new Star Wars trailer for Episode III. It is quite cool, I have to say, and I'm anticipating the movie with a sense of optimism I hadn't dare feel previously in light of how badly the other two movies completely blew. I especially like the part where Samuel L. Jackson and a bunch of other Jedi go to arrest the Chancellor, though the "Are you threatening me, Master Jedi" response was a bit weak. That part called for something better than a Beavis and Butthead flashback.

I actually rank prettly far down on the ladder of Star Wars fandom. I've seen all the movies, of course, but I didn't really bother with the books, comics, and other stuff that compromise the EU (Extended Universe in geekspeek). I did wait with a bunch of friends for 22 hours in line to see Episode I, but that wasn't really for the movie itself so much as to have a quixotic adventure and skip class. I play SWG, the Star Wars MMORPG, but that is pretty much a triumph of enthusiasm over experience rather than an endorsment of Star Wars or the game itself.

I hope that Lucas pulled out all the stops for this last film. The other two movies have done a hackjob on his reputation, not to mention permanently marring his masterpiece. If he can go out with a bang, people may be somewhat disposed to overlook his recent mistakes. Of course, in this movie he gets to work with Darth Vader, possibly the coolest villian in the history of the cinema. It'd take a real moron to screw that up, but when you think that he also came up with Jar-Jar and Ewoks, I guess all you can do is buy your ticket and cross your fingers.


The Defeatist said...

Prediction: The film, like most things in life, will disappoint.

jeffbox said...

I remember being in kindergarten and drawing crude 'stickman' tie fighters (ie. circles with inverted t's on opposite ends), x-wings, and star destroyers. And of all my childhood monsters/villians, of which my parents used to consistently scare me into submission, none could ever compare to the dread and fear that Darth Vader instilled in my young, gullible mind. Two decades later, to finally watch how Vader came to be, no matter how good or bad the movie might turn out, is the one of the most anticipated moments that I have waited for (at least as far as movies are concerned).

Btw, I hope that in Episode 3, Darth Vader at least lops off one of Jarjar's ears. Now that would really be redemption, wouldn't it?=)