Saturday, July 15, 2006

I have Don Julio's Band!

After a long and excessively painful period of mindles clicking, I have achieved Exalted status with the Frostwolf Clan in World of Warcraft. Now, this is a difficult and time consuming task for anyone. As I'm just a casual WoW player, it took me even longer than usual. The rewards though are quite sweet.


_LadyP_ said...

You know I read the posts after this and thought hey, this guy is smart, writes well and is funny.

I got to this one and thought "Oh hey he's as geeky as me and mine too"

LeperColony said...

Oh, I'm a shameless geek. I play D&D, watch Star Trek, and engage in elaborate discussions concerning the best way to be the last remaining immortal (i.e. highlander).

But, as with the rest of my pursuits, I am really just a half-hearted nerd, lacking the dedication for full geek mastery.

As a side note, I would reciprocate and read your blog too, but your profile didn't list one.