Monday, July 24, 2006

There and back again

I have returned from Comic Con. At 100,000 attendees, it is easily the king of comic book conventions. There were many interesting displays, impressive costumes, and even a few hobbits. Space ships, Princess Leia, and Batman as far as the eye could see. It was a terrific personification of nerd fantasy.

For myself, the two main draws were J. Michael Stracyzinski and Alfonso Cuaron. Each towering figures in their respective fields, I was able to attend both of their events. Stracyzinski's was particularly interesting, a candid and colorful view of the screenwriting profession. Ringed by aspiring writers, he dispensed an hour's worth of useful advice and amusing anecdotes.

Navigating the convention was difficult at times, my fellow convention goers not always displaying proper manners, but on the whole I enjoyed myself. Pictures will follow at some point, along with a more complete write-up.


LeperColony said...

If you pay attention, you can actually find all the titles to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I didn't start out meaning to do seed them into my post, but once I'd hit a few then I decided to try and see if I could fit them all in.

I took a little liberty with one of them though.

Jackson said...

Are you calling yourself The King?

B said...

I possibly might have given my right arm to have seen JMS! If only there were major comic conventions here in Scotland! Its simply not fair!


Moon Goddess said...

Sounds like fun! I'm not a huge comic fan, but I still think the con would have been a blast. You may be interested in going here:

It's the blog of the art director of Tor Books who also at the con and posted some neat pictures of things she saw.

NMOTB said...

Sounds like you enjoyed it. I don't know too much bout comics and stuff but we have one guy here in SA that is really funny - Barry Hilton (ever heard of him?)

Darth Rachel said...

i've never been to the massive west coast cons, but this will be my third year (in september) of attending dragoncon, in atlanta.

i always look forward to it. the first time i went i was amazed at the sense of community and the kindness of everyone there. it may have been the kindred nerdship, but i like to think that its because everyone there was a potential friend.

i love hearing about other people's con trips. post pics!