Sunday, July 30, 2006

Who are you, and what the hell are you doing here?

Way back in February of 2005, Carol left the following comment:

Your website is very interesting. You appear to be a very deep thinking person. What the heck does someone like you enjoy about a "mommy blog"?

As it happens, I'm actually just an exceedingly shallow thinking person, but the vast array of subjects I touch on provides the illusion of depth. Don't tell anyone though. In any case, it is her question rather than her appraisal that forms the basis of this post.

What the hell was I doing on your blog when I posted a comment?

Blogs fascinate me. I like to read them. There are many things in this world I will never get to experience for myself, and what's more, anything I do encounter I can only do as myself. For all the class, intelligence, style, and grace that perspective may hold, it is in the end, finite. A few clicks enlarges my range exponentially, alien snapshots conjoined into a gallery of dizzying diversity. So if you maintain a blog, thank you. It can be a lot of work, but you do more good than you know.

If you are newly come to this site, or if you have thus far engaged already in reciprical commentaries, allow me to reassure you that you needn't leave a comment just because I did. Of course, you are welcome to comment. I enjoy reading them, and it helps me find your blog again (as I just click the "Next Blog" icon on the top bar or check the most recent updated), but if you are doing so solely out of a sense of obligation, rest easy in the knowledge that I won't be offended.


Grafxgurl said...

blogs are fun! its like.. peeking into a person's

err.. ok that came out totally wrong

JanieBelle said...

We're just posting solely out of a deep seated feeling of guilt and obligation.

Well, that and we enjoyed the post.

Other than that, no reason, really.

Oh, and Kate says we're bored, too.

But that's it.

Well, that and we're sucking up so you'll come back by our blog.

Plus the tinfoil hat guy finally gave us a few minutes' peace.

So we're out of things to destroy with the Big Green Marker.

Ok, we'll shut up now.

After we say "hi" of course.

And "bye", too.

Good to see you,

JanieBelle and Kate

JanieBelle said...

Could we have our five minutes back?


There's two of us, so it'd be like a two-fer deal.

Ok, we'll go away now.

JanieBelle and Kate

LeperColony said...

No refunds or exchanges.

jarret said...

Blogging is a way to vent and clear you mind of the endless drivel that is thrown at us each day, and we will not be criticized for our comments by other people.

If our read our blogs, you either want to or found yourself there to read it, you can always leave and not read.

Leaving a comment is nice, it lets us bloggers know you read our blog, and you might find what we say poignant or absurd.

It is to the sole discretion of the reader and their viewpoints if they feel the need to comment.

It is freedom of speech in the electronic age.

Molly said...

Blogs are totally addictive! It is a lot of fun to find new ones and get a new perspective on how other people go about their lives!

SKY said...

Very nice answer for why you like to read blogs... I am just starting to get around and read other people's blogs regularly. Yours was the first, actually. And I, for one, do not comment out of guilt or obligation!

Laura said...

I love it when people write comments and I love visiting them back. It's just cool to see how someone else lives, I guess.

Found the beginning of "The Candidate" on my PC the other day. I totally enjoyed reading it - you write very well.

Darth Rachel said...

cheers. here's to meaningful comments.

blogs are that running soundtrack i wish i had running in real life. a way to record experience in my voice and emotions. when i read other blogs, its an extension of that self.

youre right, you can expand your experience by "remembering" something from someone elses pov. like looking into someone's mind, and its expressing, speaking, seeing, sharing. thanks.

Shun said...

I'm pleased to find your comment.
Your blog is a little difficult for me to understand it,but very interesting!!

Moon Goddess said...

I love that you have acquired so many readers, and that is hugely to do with your diligence in checking other blogs. I have two known readers: you, and my best friend. Thanks.

MathiasTCK said...

The blogoverse is like a gigantic party. Except you only have to talk to the people you want to, and you can take your time and make sure everything you say is perfectly eloquent, and no matter how lonely you may seem you aren't just talking to yourself :)