Friday, July 14, 2006

Pointless Factoid XV

Prime numbers are never found adjacent to one another (depending on your position regarding the number two). For instance, 3 and 5 are prime, as is 7 but not 6, 11 and 13 but not 12. It's believed that this pattern continues on to infinity, but this has not been mathematically proven.

Typo caught by a clever girl.


YIN said...

Nice to meet you in the net,I understand what you are talking about.
Actually,my english are also not fluent enough to communication to you all.

JanieBelle said...

Hi Leper Colony,

Up there you said "as is 7 but not 5"

Ummm... does this need a bit of an adjustment?

Perhaps 7 and 5 but not 6?

Or am I not reading that right?

LeperColony said...

Indeed it should be. Corrected above, with credit

JanieBelle said...

Awe, thanks LC. It was sweet of you to give us a plug.

Roses for you from JanieBelle and Corporal Kate

JanieBelle said...

And you just made our blogroll.