Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I'm in the money

It can be difficult for those of you who are not subject to the whims of scholastic financial aid to understand the joy to which Dispersal Day is anticipated. Perhaps the best analogy would be "pay day," except that it comes only twice a year. However, when you compound the individual dispersals together, you get a population of previously poor young people suddenly endowed with a rush of largely undeserved cash. The ensuing purchasing frenzy can rival that of any traditional holiday, and the reckless combination of youth and money invariably results in parties and drunken revels.

The days immediately preceding Dispersal Day, however, are some of the leanest experienced in the first world. Separated from their previous aid award by a year, students everywhere are reduced to consuming the last of their remaining ramen, hot dog, or Mac 'n Cheese stores. And that's merely the fate of the fortunate. For the spendthrift the weeks before Dispersal Day are miserable exercises of self-denial and endurance, mitigated only to the extent that you may prevail upon the pity of friends and associates.

Fortunately, all hardships are quickly forgotten come deliverance. An orgy of expenditure occurs, as students across the country binge on fast food, upgrade computers, and obtain for themselves personal luxuries. Freed from the shackles of fiduciary restrait, young people pursue their long forestalled materialistic aspirations with an all consuming ardor.

For SCU Law students, Dispersal Day came on Monday. When I went to the Bursar's Office, I was told I was among the unfortunate block of students whose checks were not to be printed until the next day (today). I now look forward to class with an enthusiasm that rarely applies, as I will make a stop at the Financial Aid office afterwards. From there, who knows? Maybe I'll get a nice steak. I'm kinda sick of ramen...

Happy Financial Aid Dispersal Day!

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