Sunday, August 22, 2004

Strong Foundations

I went by Half Priced Books on Friday, a local book store that sells used books for about half of their listed retail sale price. Bet you never saw that one coming. Anyway, I picked up a few books from Asimov's Foundation series, and I also bought Ship of Fools by Richard Russo.

Despite my proud membership in the Most Maligned Order of the Nerd, I have yet to read any of Asimov's books. However, the recent release of the movie I, Robot, despite the fact that it apparently has nothing to do with any of his works, spurred me on to jump him to the top of my reading list. I'll be reading the Foundation Series, a back story that has always sounded fairly interesting, yet still something I had yet read. I'll post what I think about them as I progress through the books.

1 comment:

chrispy said...

Half Priced Books is one of my favorite places in Fremont. Nice.

I'm working on getting to Asimov sometime too.