Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Scholastic Subversion

As I add this entry to my blog, I am in the middle of my Constitutional Law class. On the one hand, I feel like I should be paying attention to the lecture. After all, I've paid a lot of money to be here, and they (by they, I mean the administration) seem to feel that it's important that everyone take this class. However, the lectures themselves come right out of the textbook. If you've done your reading, there's nothing new to be heard, except the incompetence of your classmates.

There is a maxim in life that the majority of people are stupid. Unfortunately, the ratio of blithering idiots to smart people is barely more favorable in law school than found in the general public. To be sure, it is somewhat better, and to the extent that it is not, there is at least the thin veneer of education, but overall the average student here is a moron. Most of the questions reveal either the inability to read the casebook, or at least the inability to understand it. Classes like Con Law, lectures that simply follow and describe the readings, are a waste of time, hence the blogging.

Now there are classes that do not fit the Con Law mold. I have Evidence later, and that is an interactive and engaging class, where you actually have to go so far as to apply the readings. Even Evidence, however, is not really so much difficult as involved, and proper preperation is all that is really required. Many people believe that law school must be very hard. It is not. Boring, costly, and filled to a surprising degree with scut work, but not particularly difficult. Law school is no more, or less, than the most expensive trade school in the world.

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