Thursday, February 10, 2005

Pointless Factoid VI

Dictator was a Roman office used during the Republic in times of great crisis. The title was held for six months, during which the appointee's authority exceeded even that of the annually elected consuls. The office of dictator today is primarily related to Julius Ceasar, who was appointed dictator for life.

This entry brought to you by someone with too much time on his hands.


rapunzel said...
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rapunzel said...

lol. this was a good read.and i'm afraid i've "wasted" (??) more than a good five minutes of my time ;-)particularly identified with the post on ur family. rather ironic isnt it,how inspite of all our so called differences, we are all actually quite the same?

LeperColony said...

People are people, where ever they may be. Family baggage and spam e-mails are pretty much universal experiences.

Thanks for reading.